Register a company in Liechtenstein

Incorporating a company in Liechtenstein is tax – efficient way for entrepreneurs to conduct business in Europe or internationally. 

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Establish a subsidiary in Liechtenstein

Subsidiaries are legal entities with capital that is partially or totally owned by foreign companies. However, the management of the subsidiary is not conditioned by the foreign capital, and the entity is able to handle business contracts, hire employees or issue and transfer shares.

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Double tax treaties in Liechtenstein

Double taxation refers to the fact that two countries collect simultaneously taxes on the same company. This situation often arises when companies have subsidiaries or branches in various countries.

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Lowest tax rates in Liechtenstein

Due to its very favorable financial policies for foreign investors, Liechtenstein is one of the countries where it’s worth doing business, as there are many financial advantages involved.

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Benefits of a holding company in Liechtenstein

If you intend to open a holding company in Liechtenstein, the best type of company suited for this kind of activity is the Establishment (Anstalt). Under Liechtenstein law, the establishment is a form of legal personality.

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Open a bank account in Liechtenstein

Although there is a national bank in Liechtenstein, the Swiss National Bank performs the duties of the central bank, due tot the currency union with Switzerland. Having a strict bank secrecy, thousands of foreign business are nominally headquartered in Liechtenstein.

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