Whether it is a virtual office, a personal single office, or a team office with various workstations, the infrastructure should always reflect your actual requirements. This will enable you to have a decisive cost and investment advantage compared to the conventional renting and fitting of your own offices. Your infrastructure will grow together with your business.

You can rent our offices for a few our, for days, weeks or month. Whenever you need it, or Liechtenstein business center is ready to accommodate your business with private office, shared offices or virtual offices.

Our Liechtenstein business center can provide secretarial services, including correspondence, organization of meetings and training seminars, administration and processing of various business needs.

Whether your personal secretary writes your personal correspondence, purchases special air tickets for you, organizes your meetings or searches for your lost mail, your general assistance tasks will be carried out professionally and confidentially.

Your business can grow without the burden of individual services. All you have to do is pay for the services you need, and you can expand your office as required at any time. Furthermore, you will have an accessible space in Liechtenstein for all your business partners, for investors or co – workers that need to come in to attend important meetings.

Different variants of company headquarters enable you to operate from the Liechtensteiner Business Center with a cost-effective virtual office, even if you are not able to operate on site. This enables you to benefit from our professional services in the form of your own secretary, and in the process also have access to Liechtenstein tax advantages.