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Toghether with our lawyers and trusttes partners we’re specialized in Liechtenstein company registration, through a relatively quick process, depending on the availability of the necessary documents.

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Our firm is able to consult and assist to manage the bureaucratic and legal hurdles faced by entrepreneurs who are interested in the formation of a company in Liechtenstein. Toghether with our lawyers and trustees partners we offer the best solutions in order to make this process as simple, quick and easy as possible for all our clients.

The first step is to choose the type of company best suited for your needs and then register its name with the Public Registry. A public notary in Liechtenstein must notarize the Articles of Association.

The next step requires opening a bank account in Liechtenstein to deposit the company’s share capital. In accordance with the law of commercial companies, each company must appoint a managing director who is fluent in German and a resident of Liechtenstein.

The following documents must be submitted with the Public Registry: company deed, declaration of the minimum paid up capital and Certificate of Deposit, notarized articles of association by a public notary in Liechtenstein, declaration containing the director and shareholders’ details and a declaration of appointment of the company’s auditors.

The company incorporation in Liechtenstein is complete after it is entered in the Commercial Registry. For companies engaged in commercial activities, an application must be submitted with the Office of Economic Affairs.

A Liechtenstein company may take any of the following legal structures: private limited company (AG),  limited liability company (GmbH), foundation (Stiftung), establishment (Anstalt) or trust enterprise.

Taxation for Companies in Liechtenstein

Many foreign entrepreneurs and investors choose to register a company in Liechtenstein because it is a very tax – efficient solution to manage business operations in other jurisdictions, regardless if the said business operations are conducted in member states of the European Union or in other foreign jurisdictions. Having a flexible and efficient business environment, Liechtenstein is an option to be considered.

The process of company formation in Liechtenstein follows the basic steps that are common for most EU member states, which means that the company documents must be notarized and then sent to the competent authorities for approval.

Liechtenstein has some of the lowest tax rates, both for corporate taxes as well as for individual taxes. The VAT rate is also very low, with a standard rate of only 8%, but for some goods and services it can go even lower, up to 3.8% for the hotel and lodging industry and 2.5% for certain goods.

It is important to note that entrepreneurs who wish to establish a company in Liechtenstein require a business license, which is granted under certain conditions such as having a clean financial record or being a national of an EEA member state. However, it is possible to appoint a managing director to obtain the business license. Find out more about company formation in Liechtenstein.

Types of companies in Liechtenstein

The GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung or Private Limited Company) can be formed by at least two members, with a minimum share capital of 30,000 CHF. The minimum amount that each shareholder of the GmbH has to cover is 50 CHF.

The AG (Aktiengesellschaft or company limited by shares) can be formed by at least two founding members and it requires a minimum share capital of 50,000 CHF. The capital is divided into company shares that can be registered, no-par-value, voting or bearer shares. The members are not liable in case of debt, only the company’s assets are used in the case of liquidation.

The Establishment (Anstalt) can be structured as a corporation if it is used for commercial activities or as a foundation if it is used for the administration of assets. This type of Liechtenstein company is most often used by foreign investors as a holding company. It has a board of directors, but no shareholders and the control is granted to the company founder.

The Liechtenstein foundation (Stiftung) can take several forms, such as a family foundation, a non-profit foundation, or it can be used for maintenance only. This type of company is not allowed to conduct commercial activities. This business structure is used mainly to manage global family assets, while providing confidentiality. Liechtenstein foundations are suitable for holding assets such as shares in other companies, properties or other forms of investment.

The Trust Enterprise is based in most cases on the same principles of the Liechtenstein foundation, in order to protect family assets, but in addition it provides the freedom to purse commercial and non – commercial objectives. Trust enterprises in Liechtenstein are formed as foundations or corporations, depending on their objectives. This type of company is formed by a settler, trustees and beneficiaries.

Subsidiaries and branch offices may be established in Liechtenstein by foreign companies. Liechtenstein subsidiaries are most commonly used by foreign companies because this type of legal structure allows the undertaking of new business activities and expanding of business operations, while branch offices are limited to the business activities of the parent companies. Find out how to establish a subsidiary in Liechtenstein.

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