Corporate administration

SIGTAX AG is providing various corporate administration services in Liechtenstein for any type of company regardless of its size. Our network of professionals is able to offer assistance in various corporate activities required throughout business processes.

In terms of company incorporation support, we offer assistance on best type of structure for your needs, verification of suggested name, creation of articles of incorporation, assistance in obtaining business or professional authorization and tax registration, coordination with other service providers, such as banks, legal advisers and notaries.

If needed we also provide registered office locations in Liechtenstein, office space and staff, organization of board and shareholder meetings, maintenance of registers of shareholders and board members, archiving and protection of corporate documents and other records required by law, services for company liquidation or relocation.

Our secretary services ensure execution of proper registration with local authorities, assistance with other functions, supply of company secretary services, efficient management of correspondence and business communications, maintenance of accurate accounts and records available at any time.

As any Liechtenstein company requires at least one director to be a resident of Liechtenstein, we are able to provide directorships for any type of company.

SIG Fiduciaire is a leading multi-jurisdictional provider of financial services in various European countries. We pride ourselves on the expertise and responsiveness we bring to our clients, providing tailored, global solutions in a transparent and cost-efficient manner. Our network of professionals from various fields of the industry ensures the best corporate administration services for your company, including setting up virtual offices in Liechtenstein.